Respected Internet Solutions Provider

Connecting businesses to the rest of the world with the highest level of service and reliability

Delivering a Best-in-Class portfolio of solutions that include high-bandwidth Internet access, advanced Wi-Fi capabilities, point-to-point private line services and managed solutions over one of the industry’s most scalable last-mile networks.

Exceptional Customer Experience

With a core focus on providing an exceptional customer experience for every business, we are passionate about delivering the Best-in-Class services that businesses expect and deserve. At Broadwave, we know that local businesses are just as important as large corporations. We are proud to offer exceptional service and provide the best Internet services around.

Leading Wireless Provider

Broadwave delivers the most advanced wireless and internet technologies solutions. We exceed the industry standard for Internet Solution Providers and deliver Turnkey Internet Solutions that strategically diagnose, and professionally utilize all aspects of Internet infrastructure platforms. We choose to make service, reliability and customer satisfaction the hallmark of the company’s approach to the Internet.

Who We Are

Broadwave built its network in 2013 to bypass the local phone and cable companies, providing customers with faster install times, unmatched scalability, unparalleled reliability and complete flexibility from the traditional wireline infrastructure. Broadwave provides service to some of the top venues and businesses around the US.

What We Do

Broadwave delivers enterprise-class data, voice, network and cloud solutions with superior performance and exceptional reliability. Whether your business is small or large, with one location or many, Broadwave is the technology service provider you need with technical expertise and advanced network capabilities.

Where We Operate

Broadwave provides customized data, voice, network and cloud services, including disaster recovery, managed services, networking, WiFi, VoIP and more on its wholly-owned independent network, Broadwave is dedicated to your connection to the world and your businesses success.

Associations & Partnerships

Originally Established in the Florida Keys, Broadwave is Proudly Supported by Local Organizations

Key West Chamber of Commerce
The Lodging Association of the Florida Keys and Key West
Marathon Rotary
Marathon Chamber of Commerce
Key West Rotary

Testimonials and Words From Our Clients

Sometimes Broadwave Customers Say It Better Than Us!