Strategic Solutions Provider

Int_BusinessServiceBroadwave offers business internet services with speeds ranging up to 10gbps on our wholly owned network and guaranteed service level agreements. Our products are the best on the market and are not reliant on cable or telephone companies to operate. We install a small antenna on the side of your business and run an ethernet cable which will then be connected to your router and you are instantly on. Product connectivity in a matter of days where the traditional cable and phone companies can take weeks or months. Our internet is scalable which allows you to call us with your requests and in a matter of minutes, we can upgrade your service with the click of a button. We are a dedicated company striving to make your business succeed and design our services to compliment your needs.

How a Hosted PBX Will Help Your Business

voiceHosted PBX allows you to move your telephone system to the cloud while enjoying all of the advanced benefits that a dedicated PBX offers. Unlike other hosted PBX offerings, our hosted PBX is based on a dedicated PBX platform and offers greater features, more flexibility, and advanced integration as a no-hassle, turn-key solution. Hosted PBX from Broadwave allows you to utilize your current telephone service including traditional telephone lines or a VoIP service provider.

Broadwave will install a dedicated PBX instance for your company in our redundant cloud infrastructure. This hosted PBX instance will reside in our redundant datacenter facilities in Miami and Kansas City and we will maintain all of the hosted equipment, software, upgrades, and configuration backup. In addition to a turn-key hosted solution, Broadwave Hosted PBX service includes our award winning support. Broadwave Hosted Voice support provides for remote adds, moves, and changes by our trained helpdesk. By utilizing the included PBX management services, Broadwave allows you to focus on running your business. While our turn-key solution does include full system management, administrative access is also available for your company should you care to have administrative access as well.

Advantages Of The Hosted PBX
  • Unlimited users (no per user fees)
  • Includes softphones for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone
  • Includes support for system configuration and updates
  • Utilize your current SIP telephones
  • Choose your VoIP service provider or use our Certified VoIP carriers.
  • No requirement to transfer/port your telephone number(s)
  • Flat rate pricing based on the number of lines, not users
  • Easy migration to or from an on-site PBX installation

Contact us today for more information at (305) 767-1467. We look forward to working with you!

wifiIn addition to Internet Services we provide WiFi Design and guarantee quality WiFi services to our loyal customers. It will be geared towards the hospitality of customers, whether it is a small practice or large venue, including doctor’s offices. We ensure that the design of the WiFi is going to be flexible to scale to any demand.

Broadwave prides itself on offering in building wireless solutions that are planned by the industry’s most innovative and skilled engineers and architects installed by accomplished technicians and maintained by diligent operators. Our team features the conglomerative wireless and utility industry experience that works to deliver turnkey solutions and best in class services to wireless carriers and enterprise clients.

Broadwave provides comprehensive network inoculations or set up services for organizations of all sizes, with systems with two access points to 20,000. Broadwave in house team of wireless engineers and technicians will design and implement a hassle free system for a great value. Whether updating an existing wireless network or starting with a new cabling, Broadwave has a solution for your business.

offsiteOffsite Backup is Broadwave’s signature loud enhanced data backup solution. As an off site and secure backup solution it eliminates the hassle of cape based backup pollutions and reduces the risks of user airs in a creation or restoration of data backups. This flexible solution is capable of supporting small to large businesses and multi terabyte capacities. Offsite Backup automates schedules backups that copy data from your business to the Broadwaves loud environment. This mitigates the risk of losing data by copying off-site according to a backup schedule that is designed to address your company’s risk. With our backup as a service solutions you’ll be able to configure who has the right to backup and restore data on your servers and the number of restored points can uniquely specified for every backup set. That means you can reasonably store as many generations updated as you choose and all sorts of generations are available for immediate restoration.

recoveryImagine arriving to work one morning to find your office destroyed, you’ve lost everything, all of your paper, electronic documents, email messages, equipment and records for customers and employees, would your business survive? Disaster can strike any businesses anywhere, in the vast majority businesses are not prepared to handle the aftermath. With Broadwave’s customized Disaster Recovery Program your business has a fighting chance for survival. No one wants to admit that they are in risk for catastrophe. Nonetheless, we believe that the best defense is a good offense. It is designed to help you resume your functionality after disruptive events. Since your ability to recover data and continue business operations, post disasters are only possible if you plan before an unexpected event occurs. We will work side by side with your business so you are prepared for the worst case scenario.

Disaster recovery options include the basic recovery data following an event occurring of equipment malfunction. Some of our services include:

  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Cloud Backup
  • Digital Footprint
  • Promote access to servers
  • Harbor maintenance and support
  • 24 by 7 by 365 support and predictable fees
  • Colocation
  • Security Cameras
  • Website/Email Hosting
  • Private Line (MPLS)
  • Managed Hosting
  • Temporary Events
  • Hospitality Management
  • IT Project Management
  • E-Rate Solutions