Jordan Smith Founder & CTO Mr. Smith’s expertise in wireless communications and business internet solutions is unparalleled in S. Florida. With over 18 years developing strategic solutions, his guidance has been recognized nationwide as trusted source for businesses who need customized and simply the best solutions. Mr. Smith’s business acumen is quickly realized in his previous business startups and successful acquisitions. Email Jordan >> Casey Smith Notary Public Casey spent two years working for a business consulting company helping clients build, maintain and market their ecommerce businesses, three years as an internet marketing manager for a large media group handling procuring new accounts, public relations, creating marketing campaigns and material. Additionally, she was the right hand to the marketing director of a consulting company working to plan and supply various company seminars, create corporate materials/manuals, research and execute training presentations in the area of sales, marketing and consulting. Email Casey >> Keith Jones Keith Jones comes from a wealth of background in network operations in the wireless industry. His long time career at AT&T gave him the knowledge and skillset to create long distance microwave links. Keith is a seasoned tower climber with over 30 years experience in microwave engineering. Email Keith >> Duane Webster Duane joined the Broadwave team after a long tenure with Highgate Hotels as their Regional IT Director. Duane’s responsibilities were to develop and deliver technology solutions to help hotels operate leaner, quicker, and more competitive. This skillset is what provides Duane with the experience to help businesses utilize Broadwave’s products and services to accomplish their strategic IT goals. Email Duane >> Andrew Nielsen Andrew finished his internship with Broadwave where he gained a background of knowledge in operations and installations. He is currently finishing his degree in Computer Science and is eager to use his understanding of network communications to help Broadwave continue to grow.  Andrew has a firm command on the hardware of computers as well as the operating systems for all platforms. Email Andrew >> Steven Carter Steven started his career in American industry, manufacturing heavy equipment and has been working in Telecom and Network Infrastructure for 15 years.  His love of technology and computers led him to a successful career with AT&T. His long tenure as a technician and network manager in the Florida Keys has given him a unique perspective of the community’s needs.  When he’s not ensuring customers have the best service with Broadwave, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jana and his dog Mako out on the water. Joe Berg Joe had been working indirectly with the Broadwave team developing training and sales videos, and teaching our staff to be become certified divers. After many years of deep underwater discussions, Broadwave was able to bring Joe directly onboard as an installation technician along with keeping his passion for videography, diving, and teaching new team members how to dive safely at the forefront of his day to day activities. Joe has been instrumental in developing our underwater webcams and continues to produce videos for Broadwave and our customers. Email Joe >> Rosco Jenkins Employee Pet Supervisor Born and raised in the Show Me State, Rosco is proud to be part of One Human Family. Anyone who plays with Rosco will appreciate his warm and gracious demeanor, and the fact that he is always willing to “run” the extra mile. Rosco has assembled an impressive resume that includes First Mate, Co-Pilot, Fisherman and Momma’s Boy. And finally one final word from Rosco, Bowwowwowyippyyoyippyyay, bowwowwowyippyyo.

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Our Broadwave Internet connectivity service offers different business internet solutions which provide top rated teams who efficiently manage and resolve issues quickly. Our solutions will provide a developed program that makes sense with even the most complex data demands.  We are equipped to help design and implement the most applicable system that addresses your company’s distinctive needs. We create ways to make your equipment more constructive and resourceful. Our main goal is to provide our customers with a solution that is easy to use and maintain. Our teams are fully equipped to assist our clients inimitable needs in every way possible.