Transition FAQs

Broadwave entered into an agreement with Hotwire Communications to assume its operations as your new technology provider. We want to bring you up to date on what you can expect in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition. Please take a moment to read through the FAQs listed below which will help to give you an idea about what to expect during this process.

What happens with my current Broadwave services?

Your current service will remain active and will not require any changes to your configurations. Hotwire will honor all current contracts in place and your current rates will remain the same. You will NOT need to have any changes made inside your premises to maintain phone, broadband, or other services.

How can I get more information or ask questions?

More information on Hotwire’s services, the onboarding process, and consultation appointments can be made by calling 833-967-5804.

When will Hotwire contact me directly?

Hotwire will provide additional communications as we complete the transition process. We will send you an invitation for a “Get to Know Us” social event to celebrate the transition and meet your local Hotwire representatives. If you need additional services, one of our local team members will be available to assist. Simply schedule a consultation via the number above.

Who is Hotwire Communications?

For nearly two decades, Hotwire Communications has been at the forefront of the Gigabit revolution, an industry leader in providing future-proof connectivity and advanced technology solutions to multitenant and multi-dwelling communities, businesses, hotels, and municipalities under the Fision® brand.

Is Hotwire Communications a new company?

Hotwire Communications has been in business for more than 20 years and is recognized for the exceptional quality of its services, including being named by PC Mag as their 2022 Fastest ISP in the Southeast U.S., and 2023 Best Gaming ISP in the Southeast U.S.

What is Fision?

Fision is the name for Hotwire Communications’ advanced fiber-optic network.

How will I be billed for my services?

The billing process will initially remain the same. Once all residents are completely moved onto the Hotwire Communications network, detailed instructions will be sent to you on how to register for autopay with Hotwire.

When will I need to sign up for Hotwire’s autopay?

You will not need to sign up for Hotwire Communication’s autopay until August 1, 2023. Hotwire will send notifications to you prior to this date to notify you with clear instructions.

I prefer to pay my bill via check. Where should I send it?

If you wish to pay by check, please send your payment using the lockbox information below:

Standard Mail:
P.O. BOX 737389
Dallas, TX 75373-7389

Overnight Mail:
JPMorgan Chase (TX1-0029)
14800 Frye Road, 2nd Floor
Ft Worth, TX 7615

What phone number can I call to get help with my services?

Please call the Customer Care Center at 833-967-5804 with any questions regarding your services.

How will I know what to expect during the transition?

Hotwire Communications’ Marketing team and local leadership will share regular status update information as the transition progresses to keep you up to date on what’s happening.

Will I need to return my equipment?

No, you will keep your existing equipment at this time.

Will there be any changes to my services?

No changes will be made to your existing service at this time. Our top priority is ensuring a successful transition to the Hotwire Communications network. Once all customers have been transitioned, the Hotwire team may offer new products to customers wishing to upgrade or make changes.

Will any upgrades be performed during the transition?

No. At this time upgrades will not be made within the first 90 – 120 days of transitioning to the Hotwire network. Once the transition is complete, our local representatives will reach out to inform you of available upgrades, including the ability to transition to hardline fiber.

What can I expect over the next few months?

You will receive regular status updates via email and/or text message to alert you as to what work is being performed as we transition your community over to the Hotwire network.

We will share additional FAQs that are more specific to our services, features, and other details about being a Hotwire customer throughout the transition.